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3rd Sector Consultancy

Shared Platform for the Arts


The Metcalf Foundation has engaged db 3rd Sector Consultancy to study the feasibility of creating a shared platform for the arts and explore the greater potential for the arts community to share high quality administrative services.

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What we want to know

Whether you are an incorporated company, a solo artist, or a loose callaborative, we would like to learn more about your administrative needs and challenges. We will ask you to describe your main administrative requirements, who performs them, and at what cost. We’re also interested in administrative services you perform without additional compensation, as well as any administrative challenges you might face and your suggestions for how your admin burden can be lightened.


Administration can be a touchy subject. To ensure a safe environment, your responses will be kept in the strictest of confidence. db 3rd Sector Consultancy will not share your information with the Metcalf Foundation or a third party without your explicit consent. We will ask for this consent at the end of the survey, so you can make an informed decision.